Wednesday, August 26, 2009

urban surfing

"Far Rockaway, an inner-city, oceanfront commuter town is just a 40 minute "A" train ride from Manhattan, it is also host to a unique culture - urban surfers. 'Submerged' explores this unexpected juxtapostion of NYC's urban lifestyle with the profound relationship that surfers have to the ocean. Inspired by his own experience of discovering this scene in New York, director Jakob Daschek's contemplative camera uses the surfers reflections to narrate this short film."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

and sometimes Y

"In hot climates, A provides a shady arch, O is a siphon through which to suck liquids, U a cool cave or tub to slide into; A stands like a surfer with its legs apart, O hangs like a citrus from a bough, U rolls its hula hips - and I and E mimic the cries of monkeys and jungle birds from which they were derived. Consonants, like fair-skinned men, do not thrive in torrid zones. Vowels are built for southern comfort, consonants for northern speed. But O how the natives do bOOgIE-wOOgIE while the planters WaLTZ."

- Tom Robbins